MotoBiking Trip to Agung, the Sacred Mountain

August, 2012

Mount Agung which is the highest point in Bali is a mystical and expensive mountain at once due its licensing. Influenced by RoF and other biking trip, I decide to take my old motorbike, Bluemerry, as my vehicle this time. Yes, I ride from Banten Province to Bali, 1.271 km!

 One of beaches in North Java Coastal

I can tell, riding across Java Island is quite easy. Wide and straight road all the way, in some part you’ll meet lot of nice beaches and wild forest. And basically, you don’t need worry to get lost, there are plenty of sign along the way. It’s took almost three days for me on road to reach Pura Besakih, my starting point to climb this 3.031 m mountain.

The difficulty climb Agung is its licensing because you must use local guide. Don’t get wrong with unauthorized local guide who will charge you double from normal price. Authorized guide have a licesend card from Tourism Department of Bali, make sure you see their card. If you confuse, just like I did, just go to the police station just in the left of Besakih Gate, I Wayan, the policeman is a kind person. Standart price for domestic is 450k per four persons, but it’s negotiable depend your negotiable skill, hehe..

Lucky me I could meet I Komang Kayen, head of Mount Agung Local guide, a young and friendly person. Talked to him was very pleasant and broaden horizon. From he I know why we must use local guide, beside increase income of local, the main reason is to protect Mount Agung. Mount Agung is sacred to people of Bali, so if there a climber died on the mountain, it becomes 'dirty' and must be purified again, which requires very expensive money and time.

Track of Agung Mountain

The track itself is very uphill and steep. Be careful when stepping, beside slippery track because lot of pebbles, in some places prone to landslides. For snail foot like mine, it tooks six hours to get to the top. But with a fairly tight canopy which is characteristic of tropical forests, six hours traveling feels great.

 Peak of the Sacred Mountain

Standing in the highest point in Bali is one of best feeling ever. You can see all over Bali island with Java sea on the north and Hindia ocean in the south. In the east you can see Mount Rinjani and Mount Raung in the west. Waiting the sun rises with Rinjani on background, man, you must see it by yourself. It’s fantastic! (dm)


  1. sejak dulu kala, semenjak saya pertama kali mendaki gunung agung menjadi salah satu yang masuk wish list saya..melihat tulisanmu membuat semangat itu berkobar kembali

    1. thank a lot. Gunung Agung memang luar biasa, dari medan dan viewnya. :)

  2. Damn,,,, I got poisoned. Read your post about mount agung is wrong decision i think

    1. Hehehe... come on. Agung Go Go Go! I bet u'll feel the same like I did.


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