Botanical Garden of Buitenzorg

Don’t wory. That is the meaning of the word Buitenzorg which believed as the root of the name of Bogor. As one of the satellite city of Jakarta, Bogor has the largest and most complete botanical garden in Indonesia. On an area of 87 hectares there are plants and trees which the quantity almost 15.000 specimens. Right now, this botanical garden known as Kebun Raya Bogor.

Bogor Botanical Garden.
My first visit in this garden was in 2011, and since then when I have free time in weekend I’d love to spend an afternoon in here. Just lay down, ate some snack and read novel. The air, trees, and small lake inside here made me felt so comfort. Loved to spend all day in here.

Later I knew that this garden mainly was a protected forest built by Prabu Siliwangi, the greatest king of Sunda Kingdom. The purpose was to maintain the environment quality and to protect and also regenerated precious wood tree at that time. This fact quite surprised me, a king lived almost 600 hundreds years ago have big concern in environment.

Reinwardt Memorial.
Istana Bogor.
Maybe the one who had biggest contribution for this garden was Governor General Thomas Stamford Raffles who ruled Java as British Empire representative in 1800’s. Raffles had big interest in botany, so he began to develop this garden. With the helped of W. Kent, a botaniologist, Raffles changed the appearance of this international research center for botanical into classic English like we see today.

After Indonesia Republic achieved its freedom for Japan, Prof. Ir. Koestono Setijowirjo became the first Indonesian who lead Syokubutzuer, botanical garden name during Japan. In 1992, this botanical garden started to plant the biggest flower in the world, Bunga Bangkai (Corpse Flower). This flower reach the height of 1.5 meters in 1994 and begun to blossom few times the next years.

Dutch Cementery.
Enjoy the Garden
Bogor Botanical garden has many entrance. You could enter from each gate, up to you. Don’t wory to get lost because in every strategic corner there were standing direction map of this garden.

Spots we could visit are Reinwardt memorial, a humble monument to commemorate the contribution of Prof. Caspar Georg Karl Reinwardt for this garden. From the monument we could see Istana Bogor (Presidential Palace), one of Indonesia State Palace. Still near Istana Bogor, there a lovely little lake. In the lakeside is my favorite place to lay down reading novel. Shaddy atmosphere in the lakeside always make me missed that place.

Field in front of Cafe de Daunen.
Suspension Bridge.
When Raffles’s wife died, this democratic governor general built a monument to memorize his beloved wife, Olivia Raffles. The monument still exsit until today. Near in bamboo tree area there lay down Dutch Cemetery, for me looking the old grave made me felt strange and lonely.
In the east area, we could see Orchid House which collect orchid from all over Indonesia. And in another corner we could rest and get something to eat in Café de Daunen. In very front of the café there a quite wide field where use to be a place a big ceremony of Bogor Botanical Garden held. In weekend, this only a place where kids played around. Don’t forget to visit Zoological Museum near main gate. This museum has a motley but interesting collection of zoological oddities, including the skeleton of a blue whale (Lonely Planet).

It’s about evening when I closed my book. Thesurrounding was getting dark. I guessed it’s time for me to go back, leaved Botanical Garden of Buitenzorg for come back again some day. Hopefully in every town in Indonesia has a park or garden like this because I think human were created to live with trees not with concrete cement bulding. It’s only our nature as human. (dm 080913)

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